Kate Fallon - Cousins

Kate Fallon – Cousins

Kate Fallon-Cousins is an artist from Liverpool who graduated with a Degree in Fine Art from The University of Central Lancashire in 2004. She has a studio at home where she makes collages, prints and assemblages. Kate’s work has been exhibited in Berlin and Las Vegas as well as around Liverpool. Two years ago she had her first solo exhibition. She has given away over one thousand collages and has an ongoing project called ‘Provenance Man’ to see if, for example, a selfie with Tinchy Stryder can raise the value of an object. Kate is inspired by antiques and collectables and they surround her in her home and studio. She has begun using them in a series of still life.

About Work

These collages, made by the artist during lockdown, express a love for humanity and our connection to the beautiful and divine universe in which we play our part. The figures are reaching out, helping and guiding each other across space. They could be parent and child, friends, ancestors and descendants or partners. During this time in isolation we are physically distant from each other so it’s important that we stay connected in any small way we can. To send out a message that we are are thinking and caring about the rest of our human family as well as those we live with.

Follow her work on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/maximism

Untitled1, Collage, 2020
Untitled2, Collage, 2020
Untitled3, Collage, 2020
Untitled4, Collage, 2020
Untitled5, Collage, 2020
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