Dimitri Yin

Dimitri Yin

b. 1974 in Concord, Calfiornia.
Currently based in Athens, Greece

Dimitri Yin is an artist based in Athens, Greece. He has exhibited in The US, Cyprus, France and the UK and holds a BA in Studio Art from San Diego State University (2001) and an MFA from The Wimbledon College of Art (2017).

An artist of mixed Greek and Chinese ethnicity, Dimitri’s practice draws upon the myths that surround the voyager, his strengths and vulnerabilities and how this is interpreted through the native gaze. Through the lens of tradition and quixotic projections into exotic absurdity, he examines the persona and constructed ecologies as a thing that can be harnessed, unleashed and transformed.

Using diverse materials such as wood, metal as well as more common mediums such as plaster, concrete and paper, Dimitri suggests realities that are embedded in material. Two other mediums allow him to explore the fourth dimension of time and these are video and living plant material.

In 2018, Dimitri would create Phoenix Athens Gallery and Residency in Athens, Greece in order to provide other creatives with time and space to develop their practice and a chance for himself to connect with his Greek roots through his art.

About Work

Series working title : May you live in slightly less dreary times

The Covid 19 lockdown measures forced Dimitri to reevaluate his priorities as an artist. The moratorium on business activities in Athens created a stillness as well as a sense of unnamable uncertainty. In this state where nothing seems certain, his creativity voice has re-emerged, providing him with a greater sense of certainty or at the very least a sense of fulfillment through the [constructive] act of painting and drawing.

This body of work is inspired by the innate beauty and re-emergence of nature during the lock-down in Athens and depicts the local fauna around Lycabettus and the neighbourhood of Exarchia (Sleeping swift and New Age Owls), a fantastic vision of an unspoiled Cretan landscapes Avocados on Vacation.

This series also delves into symbolism, meditations on calamity and the sheer absence of anything – as in Martin Buber and the Lightbulb and Icons of Ecology while Covid Crown pokes fun at the obsolescence and freeze of high(er)-stakes players in the art world, anxious perhaps to shore up their losses, and fearful of making any short-term plans.

This pandemic has helped me to understand and appreciate how important it is to take control of existence through my creativity. The Covid 19 Pandemic has effectively leveled the playing ground for artists and indeed this is a wonderful time to see who hasn’t stopped making, and how this hardship has effectively summoned even more inventiveness and creativity among artists. I am both delighted and grateful for this opportunity to exhibit with the Art Core Art Gallery as the gallery has maintained such an inclusive philosophy, showing the works of a vast and diverse array of artists of different backgrounds.

You can follow his work at: www.dimitriyin.com

Avocados on Vacation
COVID Crowns
Eye Study
Icons of Ecology Studies 1
Martin Buber and the Lightbulb
New Age Owls
Sleeping Swift

Painting in Progress

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