Marina Medef

Marina Medef

Marina Medef is a Visual Artist and Goldsmith from Brazil. With an emphasis in Graphic Arts, currently, she is an exchange in the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the Czech Republic and is a student Federal University of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. In her life, she made and participate in exhibitions in her own country and in international countries. In 2019 she studied Fine and Contemporary Art at Jyderup Højskole in Denmark. Also made an internship at Galway International Arts Festival last summer.

About Work

Recurrently, Medef’s creative process turns inward. She likes to explore what does that life inside and go outside. “Um dia eu virei uma pedra” is a project about us. All of us become stones for different reasons. For love, or lack it. For joy or loneliness. Distance. Proximity. Lack of or excess. Balance. It could be for many reasons, but all of us will be or was paralyzed and became a stone, momently or for a long time. It’s an inside process and we don’t know why, but it happens. Don’t give any alert.

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One day I became a stone, draw and watercolor, 2020(1)
One day I became a stone, draw and watercolor, 2020(2)
One day I became a stone, draw and watercolor, 2020
One day I became a stone, draw, 2020
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