Kat Knutsen

Kat Knutsen

Knutsen is a figurative painter who explores the connections between people. She mostly paints her friends and family, placing them in the context of how she sees the world. She also includes props in her painting that come from remnant pieces left over from her textile projects like her knitwear collection KatHat. She is heavily inspired by conversations as well as world events. Knutsen’s latest work has been an attempt to combine the micro and macrocosm of humanity‚Äôs unity with the universe.

About Work

“The Universe in Us: Omnipresence” is a painting Knutsen created that highlights the miracle of existence, and how each one of us shares a part of the collective experience in this world, one perspective at a time.

Follow her work at: www.katknutsen.com

Bubble Brigade
Man with the Yellow Hat2
State of Confusion

Body Body Body

Happy Springs

Haskell Dance

Pauls Trees

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