John O'Reilly

John O’Reilly

John O’Reilly is a visual artist based in Dublin. With a background in graffiti, John deconstructed the traditional American graffiti forms, aiming to develop unique aesthetic and structural approaches. He was among the early contributors to an emerging Irish graffiti community. In 2008, He began painting urban landscapes in oils primarily off marginal spaces he had often painted in as a graffiti artist. His oil works attempt to capture pastoral like atmospheres of the city. Recent paintings are inspired by the effects that a medium may have on our lives, often represented by vehicular impact on the built environment.

About Work

John O’Reilly’s recent oil works of urban landscapes without people, explore vehicular impact on the built environment. However, in response, many streets are currently empty or less active.

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2 Branch Road North, Oil On Board, 2020
Behind The Car Park, Oil On Board, 2020
End Of Alexandra Road, Oil On Canvas, 2020
View From Bus Stop, Oil On Canvas, 2020
View Of Lidl From Aldi Car Park, Oil On Canvas, 2020
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