Originally from Quebec, a Canadian province, Marie-Chloé Duval pursues a journey as contrasting and daring as her works. First absorbed by a career in criminology, Duval discovered his interest in art when his graduate studies ended. The writing of his thesis will undoubtedly be the trigger for a push to express himself and illustrate his vision of humans and society.

Self-taught, Duval developed his visual identity and explored the world of photography before devoting himself fully to painting in 2016. First during ephemeral events, she quickly transposed her analysis of the world at an accelerating pace and it is the Berger Cultural Center which will offer him his first opportunity for individual exhibition. Duval participated in its first symposium in 2016 and the critics hailed his work unequivocally; she will win 5 prizes during the event. Gaining notoriety, Duval made a remarkable outing to the McCord Museum during the Digital Spring in 2017, in Montreal. Eager to know, the artist will participate in his first artistic residency in Haihatus in Finland in winter 2019 and in a cultural development mission in Paris in spring 2019.

The artist is currently based in Montreal where she feeds on multiple human actions, this inexhaustible source of inspiration. It continues its rise and continues its prolific creation.

About Work

In the face of this infinite, limitless possibility, it is no longer a question of thinking about what to do but about how and when to do it. In the face of uncertainty, whiteness takes on its full meaning. In front of time, taking it calmly makes sense. Faced with loneliness, the group takes on the meaning it should have. This artwork is about how human will face time and opportunity and how they can be together again.

Follow DUVAL’s work at: http://mcduval.com


Humanité 1, Acrylic, 2019
Humanité 2, Acrylic, 2019
Humanité 3, Acrylic, 2019
Il y aura no6, Acrylic, 2020
Il y aura no7, Acrylic, 2020
Inception de vie, Acrylic, 2019
Un humain à la fois, Polyester paper no1, Acrylic, 2020
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