Nikola Stojadinović

Nikola Stojadinović

Sciences, department of Scene architecture, technique and design, University of Novi Sad. He was previously a student at a primary school “Prva Vojvođanska Brigada” in Novi Sad and then attended the “Bogdan Šuput” Design School, department of Interior design, also in Novi Sad. He is part of the technical team at Scene laboratory “Borislav Gvojić” and organiser of two programs “Scenlab_cinema” and “Scenlab_dancefloor” at the Faculty of Technical Sciences.

About Work

“Close contact with people, a distance of less than 2 meters, hugs, kisses and holding hands make it easy to transmit the virus.”

Now that there is no touch, there is no longer a question about its importance in our day to day lives. Touch awakens feelings of warmth, belonging, closeness, comfort, happiness, support, understanding, love. Touch is substantially essential to us as human beings. The aim of this work is to draw attention to the significance of touch as it is and to a time when we’ll be able to hold hands, hug and kiss again.

Follow his work on Instagram: @t_o.u.c.h


Hand on hand with Danijela, Mixed media, 2020
Hand on hand with Ivona, Mixed media, 2020
Hand on hand with Marija, Mixed media, 2020
Hand on hand with Milena, Mixed media, 2020
Hand on hand with Tamara, Mixed media, 2020
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