Igor Lewicki

Igor Lewicki

A documentary photographer, portraitist, but most of all a darkroom rat. Lewicki was born and raised in Biała Podlaska. His great love for this direction of art began in Bialskie Centrum Kultury in his town. Lewicki’s work tries to draw attention to human emotions and unique moments, places. He studied “Jewish culture and history” at the University of Warsaw. Currently he is a student at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw and at the Yiddish Culture Center.

About Work

Citizens began massively buying, among others, pasta, canned goods, disinfectant liquids, but above all toilet paper – in bulk. Others decided to make fun of the current situation by creating memes for them and the rest of the world. They make fun of the problems associated with the product described above. They pretend that they “plant” the rolls of paper so that they never run out of it. He decided to tackle this topic. Here is his point of view at this matter.

You can follow his work  on Instagram at: https://www.igorlewicki.net

Field of paper 1, Photograph on film, 2020
Field of paper 2, Photograph on film, 2020
Field of paper 3, Photograph on film, 2020
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