Bobby Forsythe

Bobby Forsythe

Bobby Forsythe is a visual artist based in Suffolk, England. Forsythe creates environments that emphasise spatiality and experience for the beholder. The environments she creates are influenced by the phenomenon of immersive installations allowing for the beholder to interact and immerse themselves in a room of three dimensional shape and light.

About Work

Forsythe’s artwork requires presence to become seen; as movement triggers the lights to illuminate the forms. If presence is not apparent, the work is simply static. Distancing has left the art in the dark.

You can follow her work at

Alone, Wood and LED, 2018
Cubes, Acrylic and Motion Sensor Light, 2020
Folded, Light Reactive Resin. Wood and Motion Sensor Light, 2019
Geometric Illumination, Wood, Motion Sensor Lighting and Light Reactive Resin, 2019
LED, UV Light, Wood, 2019
Source, Light Reactive Resin and Wood, 2019
Told you the light didn't disappear, Canvas and Motion Sensor Lights, 2019
Window, Wood and LED, 2019
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